Our Team

Our People

Our people have significant experience providing legal services to corporate legal departments and law firms. We can assist you by increasing your productivity, improving your turnaround times and reducing your legal costs.

At Legalwise, we believe that our people are your success.

Gavin Birer

Gavin Birer is the founder and President of Legalwise. Gavin is called to the bar in Ontario, Canada.

Jeff Baum

Jeff Baum is a director of Legalwise. Jeff is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the personal injury industry.

Raghunath M.S.

Raghunath M.S. is a lawyer and the managing director of Legalwise in India.

India Team

Our India Team consists of experienced lawyers from India’s top law schools.

Gavin Birer

Gavin is a lawyer and the founder of Legalwise Outsourcing Inc. Gavin has extensive experience as a corporate commercial lawyer working in private practice and as the Americas General Counsel for a global foreign exchange company.

Gavin is called to the Ontario Bar and is admitted to practice law in the Supreme Court of South Africa. Gavin has an LLM degree in E-Business Law from Osgoode Hall Law School of York University.

India Team

Our team in India consists of experienced lawyers with superior academic achievement from India's top law schools. They are trained in English common law and are skilled at using internet based legal tools. All candidates must demonstrate superior analytical and writing skills before they are eligible to work with us.